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With the advent of laparoscopy being considered as an important subspecialty in gynecology, comes the need for carefully structured laparoscopy training programs in India.

Understanding the need for the same, Nadkarni medical training academy under the leadership of Dr. Akshay Nadkarni has been providing laparoscopy training to gynecologists of India and across the globe since the last 5 years and has trained more than 250 gynecologists so far.

Nadkarni medical Training Academy is the laparoscopy training hub for students from countries like Egypt, Iran, Iraq, South Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, etc.

We have trained more than 200 students from these countries in last 5 years. And it makes us extremely proud to share their achievements in Laparoscopy Gynaecology. Almost 80% students immediately start their practice after the Laparoscopy training under Dr. Akshay Nadkarni.

From training basics like diagnostic laparoscopy to advanced procedures like total laparoscopic hysterectomies, we give pure hands-on experience to our trainees as we believe surgery cannot be learned by observing but only by performing.

Laparoscopy Course

Hands-on Laparoscopy Course

Your journey from Hand holding to Pro

Our fellows get to witness and perform all important gynecological laparoscopy procedures like cystectomy, ovarian drilling, myomectomy, endometriosis surgery, hysterectomy including radical hysterectomy, etc..

The comprehensive training also includes basic knowledge of instruments and equipment, sterilization, endosuturing on endotrainers, how to set up mobile endoscopy units, video presentations, and discussions of important surgical procedures.

We always strive hard to impart good surgical skills and confidence to our fellows and ensure our fellows can perform independently once they go back.


The Laparoscopy training program is followed by Certification on completion. For a crash course, you will be rewarded with the certificate in the convocation ceremony.

Course Duration

7 days, 3 months of courses are available. Based on your existing skills level you can choose the course you want.

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