21st Century Cancer Care Centre- A Dream Come True…

was formally inaugurated in March 2021 by his mother Late Dr. Purnima Nadkarni and was the culmination of a vision of Dr. Akshay Nadkarni who wanted to bring advanced comprehensive cancer care to Rural Gujarat.

A Gold Medallist Surgeon, did his MS, DNB from Manipal & Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery Fellowship from Pune under Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar. The ultimate inspiration for the cancer initiative came after the fellowship in oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, where he was moved by the plight of thousands of suffering cancer patients who thronged there from all parts of the country. Having honed his onco skills, he joined Nadkarni & 21st Century Group of Hospitals – our family enterprise in 2011. Hard work, factory visits, innumerable cancer check-up camps, lectures & awareness programs, criss crossing entire South Gujarat, UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli & northern Maharashtra marked the 1st 8 years of his onco practice which created a huge patient base. Practically all types of cancer surgeries Head-Neck, Abdomen, Breast, Renal & all others were performed. The addition of different Government schemes increased the patient volume. Chemotherapies were also given as the services of a medical oncologist were made available.

Having created this patient base & realising the need for all facilities under one roof, this advanced cancer centre with a Radiation Unit (Halcyon Varian) was set up in a single vertical building with CT Scan, X-ray, USG, invasive procedures, biopsies, frozen section – state of the art modular OT with 4K Karl Stroz Camera with the complete team of Radiation Onco, Med Onco & Surgical team & immunotherapist, was set up in record time (bunker set up in 3 months amidst the Covid Pandemic). This was done under the banner of Nadkarni Medical Foundation so that free and subsidized services could be given to the rural population. The Tumour Board meets regularly every 15 days, and all cases are reviewed comprehensively.

With such a large body of work and successful patients over 6000 onco surgery and 10,000 Chemotherapy in 8 years and 850 patients of Radiation over 2 years . 21st Century Cancer Care Centre is a shining star on the onco horizon of the country, particularly South Gujarat.